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Ripley Davenports Mongolia Expedition 2010

Ripley Davenports Mongolia Expedition 2010

Ripley Davenport accomplished a new personal record in 2010. The Mongolia 2010 Expedition concluded after 52 days, 8 hours and 49 minutes, having covered 1012.4 miles / 1628.5 km and was Ripley’s longest solo walk without outside assistance, or the aid of machine or animal.

Greentyre offered Ripley Davenport a sponsorship package including the use of the green puncture proof tyres which were used for the desert cart. He said: "The expedition would not of been possible without them and that's a hard fact!"

Ripley Davenport remains passionate about pushing the envelope of desert exploration and adventure, which was ignited from a battered dog-eared book and a faded selection of black and white images about Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Edward Lawrence.

For over a decade, Ripley has looked to the deserts over his horizon and endeavoured to engage with them. His interest in the arid and isolated regions of the world is driven by curiosity and an awe of the desert environment.

Ripley is an Inspirational Ambassador for i2P, impossible2Possible, sponsored athlete for the Endurance Trust and a Brand Ambassador for Termo Original. In 2011 he was honoured with Fellowship at the Royal Geographical Society.


Ripley Davenports Mongolia Expedition 2010

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