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Louis treks across Aussie desert with the help of Greentyres

Louis treks across Aussie desert with the help of Greentyres

Louis Philippe Loncke received his tyres just in time before heading off to The Simpson Desert one of the most arid deserts of Australia.

Becoming the first person to walk across the length of the Simpson Desert (North to South) passing through its center Louis and his entire desert cart which used Greentyre wheels succeeded. Where normal wheels would collapse under stress and fatigue Greentyre puncture proof tyres completed the job making the whole trek possible.

The news was quickly picked up by most of the papers in Australia. Closley followed by all papers in Belgium; Louis’ hometown, his parents on national TV, and on his return a radio interview yesterday upon arrival and another TV national with Louis.

Following Louis' return he said:

"Greentyre can be proud to have a product that made it possible to cross this desert! I'm happy of my engineering choice and concept used to make this crossing possible."

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